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Lore - Hungary

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1Lore - Hungary Empty Lore - Hungary ons nov 07, 2012 8:19 pm



Hello all! I wrote the following little essay about Hungary in our LARP's universe. I will post it here until the wiki is created; after that, it may be moved there. I hope you'll like it!

Hungary in this LARP’s world is a vast grassland surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains (not unlike in the real world). The land is inhabited by nomadic, shamanistic tribes, who roam the plains on their stocky horses, herding cattle and sheep, and regularly cross the mountains to raid the villages of the surrounding, more civilized countries.

The country was founded by two brothers, Hunor and Magor, sons of the Scythian king Nimrod. The two princes were great hunters, who discovered the grasslands chasing a heavenly stag. Instead of returning home, the brothers claimed the land as their own. Hunor’s descendants call themselves the Huns, while Magor’s descendants are the Magyars.

The most famous and feared leader of Hungary was the Warlord Attila. A direct descendant of Hunor, Attila united all Hun and Magyar tribes and created a formidable army. Attila’s Horde was an unstoppable force, raiding and pillaging the rest of Europe. He was brutal and ruthless, earning the nickname Scourge of God from his enemies. As of the LARP’s continuity, the older characters may still remember Attila’s raids on their country. His death remains a mystery: some claim that after getting murdered, he was buried in a golden coffin under a river, but everyone attending the funeral was slain so nobody can find his corpse. Others think the funeral was just a decoy, and he may be still alive, waiting for the right moment to return to lead Hungary again.

After Attila’s death, the various chieftains of Hungary began to fight, none being able to take Attila’s position as Warlord, and the Horde fell apart. After a decade or two of internal conflicts, seven Magyar chieftains (Álmos, Előd, Ond, Kond, Tas, Huba and Töhötöm) attempted to put an end to the fights and reunited the tribes of Hungary. Spilling their own blood into a drinking horn of wine and each taking a sip of it, the Seven Chieftains formed the Blood Pact, which, as of the LARP’s present, is the council ruling over the plains of Hungary. Despite the Blood Pact’s best efforts, conflicts are still common among the tribes.

2Lore - Hungary Empty Sv: Lore - Hungary sön feb 10, 2013 3:15 pm



Lovely reading. I will move this to "Roller". A better place will be one we will get the world description going.

3Lore - Hungary Empty Sv: Lore - Hungary mån dec 30, 2013 1:15 pm



At the last banquet, it was revealed that Hungary has a more civilized part as well. Up in the hills, in the castle of Buda, the family Gorzo von Bilkei (who also rule Yugoslavia and parts of Germany) started a dynasty.
The royals are barely in touch with the nomads of the plains. The Seven Chiefs made a contract with the Queen: they will not attack each other; the nomads pay a fixed amount of tax to the royals, but are free to raid the neighbouring countries.

Is there anyone else interested in writing up the world description?

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