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Keve, son of Bors

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1Keve, son of Bors Empty Keve, son of Bors ons nov 21, 2012 10:53 pm



Player's name: Ernő Vincze
Character's name: Keve, son of Bors
Titles: None yet

Keve is a Hungarian nomadic warrior in his mid-twenties. He was sent on a journey by the Seven Chiefs of Hungary to learn about the benefits of the Western European culture. He is pretty much the first Hungarian to visit these countries in a non-hostile way.
He is the son of the elderly warrior Bors (unrelated to Sir Bors of the Round Table), and has two brothers, Vazul and Koppány. His best friend is his cousin Vajk.
He is very curious and eager to learn new things.

Keve is not on very friendly terms with his family, who are rather conservative and despise Western European culture.
Some speculate that Keve was in fact sent to the West as a spy, to find out the countries' weaknesses before a new Hungarian invasion, like the one under Attila's reign.

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