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The trip back to Hungary with Keve.

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26The trip back to Hungary with Keve. - Sida 2 Empty Sv: The trip back to Hungary with Keve. sön jan 27, 2013 1:34 pm


Keve was really impressed by the map. It was a very elaborate one; the plains were bright green, the mountain ranges dark brown with snow on top. Among them, blue rivers meandered, along with scattered red lines, symbolizing roads. Here and there, an icon of a castle or a house symbolized cities and villages.
He looked at the spot Leif was pointing at. There was just a tiny house there, and the text above it spelled "Muxía".
- The place looks just fine. - Keve said. - And no, we really should not get involved in the war.

The sea appeared deep blue on the map, with some ships and giant creatures in it. Some looked like fish, others like turtles, but the one Keve found most thrilling looked like a giant slug, with eight long, tail-like appendices on its head. The monster was attacking a small boat, wrapping these appendices around it.
- What is that creature? - Keve asked, shivering in horror. - Does such thing really exist, or is it just made up?

27The trip back to Hungary with Keve. - Sida 2 Empty Sv: The trip back to Hungary with Keve. sön jan 27, 2013 4:16 pm


Fenrir took a look at the creature Keve was pointing at, shivering in his boots from the sight of it.

- That's a creature we call Kraken. It's a hidious beast that is huge! It pulls ship down under water, eating every poor soul on the ship. Sometimes he rests at the surface of the ocean, looking like an island, fooling travelers to land there. Then he slowly decends under water before they get on their ship again.
Spooky tale, perhaps, but Fenrir did well in keeping a straight face. Some of the other vikings didn't look to happy about him telling about the creature. They had started to look out over the water to see that it wasn't close to them.

- I've never seen it though, during all my years at sea, so I'm not sure I believe in it..

28The trip back to Hungary with Keve. - Sida 2 Empty Sv: The trip back to Hungary with Keve. mån jan 28, 2013 9:45 pm


Listening to Fenrir's tale, Keve gets more and more anxious. He thought that the sea was bad enough, being impossibly deep and unstable, but now that he learned there could be giant creatures in it, he began to really hate it. He carefully looked over the edge of the ship. There were ripples in the water, but no sign of monsters. He wanted to get his mind off this topic, so he turned to Fenrir.
- What about this war? Who's fighting Portugal, and over what? - he asked. Although he heard of the ongoing conflict on the banquet, he couldn't put the snippets of information together.

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